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All Chinese Wuhan residents to be tested for COVID-19

03.08.2021 106 просмотров

Chinese authorities will test all residents of Wuhan for covid to prevent a new outbreak.

In connection with the recently identified local cases of covid infection and in order to prevent an epidemic, the Chinese authorities are organizing coronavirus testing for all residents of Wuhan, where the first focus of the pandemic arose more than a year and a half ago. Li Tao, deputy general secretary of the city administration, announced this on Tuesday.

"We are starting emergency testing for coronavirus of all residents, we plan to complete it as soon as possible and will act as quickly as possible," he said at a press conference. .

Against the backdrop of a marked worsening of the epidemic situation in China, in the province of Hubei adjacent to Wuhan, for the first time in many months, people who have caught the infection have been identified. There are already 14 such cases in this region (including asymptomatic carriers), of which eight are in Wuhan.

According to the results of China's 2021 census, the population of Wuhan exceeds 12.3 million people.

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