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Alibaba Group will teach "smart glasses" to find the right products

14.08.2018 123 просмотров

The largest IT company in the Celestial Empire is developing augmented reality glasses that will help the owner find the necessary goods in stores and tell everything about them.

The innovation is called Taobao MR Buy, since it is Taobao e-commerce platform that is creating the device. The technology will be tested on Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality glasses, created by an American corporation. 

According to the engineers, when looking at a product through glasses, the owner will receive information about its price, customer rating, delivery options, payment options and similar offers. According to a Taobao employee, Microsoft HoloLens will also provide the owner with information about products sold on the Chinese trading platform in the form of a volumetric hologram. goods offered on Taobao. The owner of the glasses will be able to control the interface with eye movements and hand gestures. The first options for open testing will be presented in early autumn this year. 

The Taobao electronic trading platform is part of the largest Chinese Internet company Alibaba Group. According to the latest ratings, this year it entered the top ten most expensive in the world, and its capitalization exceeded $113 billion.

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