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Alexei Navalny suffers from a banal disease, not poisoning

08.09.2020 84 просмотров

: Siberian doctors are not at all surprised by the improvement in Alexei Navalny's health.

Russian doctors did not express surprise at the stabilization of the well-known blogger Alexei Navalny, who was transferred from a hospital in Omsk to the Charité clinic in Germany. According to the chief toxicologist of Omsk and the Siberian Federal District, this is fully consistent with the normal course of the disease, which manifested itself in Navalny. The blogger's condition has nothing to do with poisoning - especially with a military substance, the doctors said.


Alexander Sabaev, Chief Toxicologist of Omsk and the Siberian Federal District:

"This is definitely not Novichok. It is generally an inorganic compound. This is not a poisoning, but a disease - a metabolic syndrome. Metabolic coma due to a metabolic disorder. It progressed rapidly. We had a crisis on the night of August 20-21. Then the point of crisis was reached. Subsequently, we even managed to stabilize the patient and bring him to positive dynamics at the stage of transportation to the airport. I can suggest that in the second and third weeks there may be an exit to the normalization of metabolic processes, including the relief of a coma.


According to the doctor, despite the spectacular manifestation, such a coma is treatable and, as a rule, does not threaten the patient's life.


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