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Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska from the "Magnificent Century" has a new boyfriend

11.02.2019 198 просмотров

The star of the series "The Magnificent Century" Meryem Uzerli appeared at the Berlinale 2019 Film Festival with a new boyfriend.

This is a well-known in Hollywood Arab producer Mohammed Al-Turki. The actress shared in her microblog a joint photo shoot with Al-Turki, after which the fans came to the conclusion that the couple was connected by something more than activity in the film industry.

"Magnificent century" will come in Russia in
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that the couple practically does not part, spending all their free time in the capital of Germany together. Uzerli herself is in no hurry to answer journalists' questions about the new novel, while Al-Turki does not deny relations with Meryem.

Mohammed Al-Turki is a Saudi film producer. He took part in the creation of such famous films as "Dancing in the Desert" (2014), "Adult World" (2013), "Innocence" (2013), "Divorce in the City" (2012) and others.

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