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AKMR is preparing for a turn to the East

27.02.2023 Николай Кузнецов, медиаресурс "Большая Азия" 24 просмотров

On February 21, the 11th Annual Conference "Digital Communications of Russia - 2023" was held in Moscow.

"Turbulence Navigator: Digital Marketing and Communications in 2023" – this is how the organizers outlined the main theme of the event. The media resource "Greater Asia" has traditionally acted as an information partner.

The Association of Directors of Corporate Communications (ACMR) has been holding the Conference "Digital Communications of Russia" for 11 years, providing domestic experts and leaders of the digital industry with a platform for the exchange of experience, ideas and views. This year, as part of the Digital Communications Day, three events were held at once. The first of them is a Digital Battle, that is, a digital battle, a struggle, but definitely not a fight, because the rivals of this duel did not so much fight each other as competed, trying to get the title of the best digital agency in Russia. Each participant was given the opportunity to make a presentation of their project as part of a tender assignment from leading Russian and foreign companies. Tasks for the teams were prepared by Rosbank and LG. According to the results of the expert jury voting, the BLACK and Medialine agencies became the winners of the competition.

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The event continued with the annual Digital Communications Conference (digital Interaction – approx. editorial offices). During the five sessions, leading experts discussed current trends and pressing issues of the digital market. To the delight of the audience, the communication was not digital, but analog, that is, human. Ekaterina Kolyada, a member of the Supervisory Board under the Board of the AKMR, answering the questions of the correspondent of the TV channel "Big Asia", in particular, noted the need for Russian business to search for new communication technologies.

"We are holding this event for the 11th year in a row. Despite the fact that digital has been present in our lives for a long time, it cannot be separated from live communications, since they are very closely intertwined," said Ekaterina Kolyada. - In general, we can say that we were heavily dependent on everything external and forgot about ourselves, that we also have significant resources and knowledge. But we did not notice them, did not appreciate them, preferring to focus on everything imported. And now the Russian digital business has finally turned its attention to domestic communication technologies. Moreover, the media world of Asian countries is gradually opening up. I am sure that the digital industry will develop in the Asian direction, and our specialists will be able to make the best use of the best practices of Asian countries, in particular China."

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During the first two sessions, experts shared their opinions on current trends in the development of the digital industry and the role of bloggers in it. The third session was devoted to big data, media analytics and social networks. It was moderated by Sergey Vodopetov, Chairman of the Digital Communications Committee of the Russian Association for Public Relations (RASO).

"Today's event is quite significant for the industry, Digital Communications Day has been held for a long time and has established itself as a good communication platform. Two components are connected on it. On the one hand, pragmatism and practicality: we see ready-made cases, real people and real stories. And on the other – a clear understanding of the general mood in the industry. It is obvious that technology is an important factor in our profession, and they always remain global. Unfortunately, we did not see a large number of products and cases of the Asian communication market that we would like to analyze. Perhaps this will become a trend for the next year. So, I personally would be interested to see how China measures media streams. After all, efficiency in PR or marketing is always measurable results," said Sergey Vodopetov.

During the session "PR and marketing breakthroughs and failures in 2020-2023" representatives of Russian companies spoke about real projects from personal experience. Anastasia Zaitseva, CEO of Runetservice FM, shared her opinion about the event and the turn of the digital sphere to the East.

"I want to say thank you to AKMR for bringing together industry participants, allowing them to compare watches and understand who is doing what. Regarding the turn to the East, in particular, I will say that today the world is changing rapidly. The Asian vector has become a reality for almost all countries, including the United States and European states. China is confidently leading in the digital communications environment, 70% of the Internet of Things is the People's Republic of China, which has already built a 5G stable communication network throughout its territory. Fundamentally new systems of digital consumption and e-commerce have also been created in China. Looks like, we were so passionate about Western technologies and their experience that we simply overlooked China. Look how they filmed the Olympics! The entire professional community gasped when they learned that the Media Corporation of China not only provided all the shooting in 8K resolution, but also created real-time signal transmission channels without reducing video quality. And how beautifully the New Year's concert was filmed! Why don't we talk about it enough? Because, alas, we don't know much about it! And it is very good that there is Ekaterina Kolyada in our industry, her events, which are an "industrial barometer". Here and now we can see and understand how our professional community lives," Anastasia Zaitseva stressed.

The Day of Digital Communications ended with an award ceremony. During it, the 100 best brands and communication agencies received well-deserved awards in 39 nominations.

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Today, the Russian digital industry is undergoing a serious transformation, and in this context, the need to turn to the experience of Asian countries becomes obvious. Big Asia TV Channel and website The media partners of the event have been actively developing the theme of "turning to the East" for more than five years as part of the formation of the Great Eurasian Partnership - an initiative of the President of the Russian Federation, which he expressed back in 2015. "Greater Asia" is practically the only domestic media working to promote the global agenda of Russian-Asian cooperation in positive formats. At the same time, the media resource has a rich experience of working with Asian countries to create joint projects. Thus, "Greater Asia" is a platform that Russian business can use to build interaction with companies in the digital industry of Asian countries.

The experience of the TV channel "Big Asia" with the Media Corporation of China is now available to the industry, but, as practice shows, many market participants are in no hurry to deploy their projects to the East in the hope that everything will work out and the world will return to its former paradigm. Alexander Lebedev, General Director of Big Asia LLC, who took part in this event, communicating with the participants, noted that the telegram channel "Chinese Panorama" was created especially for very busy and dynamic managers, which most promptly and with absolute certainty provides information about the current agenda in China. Experience shows that people reading the Chinese Panorama radically change their position on Russian-Chinese relations within a month. Alexander Lebedev stressed that we do not make exceptions and are open to the industry. Big Asia TV Channel and website – this is not only an "entry point to the Chinese media market", but also a "window of opportunity" for Russian companies that want to build relationships with Chinese partners.

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