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Airports in a number of countries around the world have introduced mandatory scanning of passengers to prevent a flu epidemic

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Like many other states, Turkey has introduced mandatory thermal screening of all passengers arriving from China.

For control, remote thermal detectors are used, capable of detecting the slightest change in the patient's body temperature at a distance of several meters. All suspicious persons are immediately isolated. Similar security measures have become mandatory for flights from Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. 

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Any regular air communication with the city of Wuhan was interrupted by the decision of the Chinese authorities themselves. The World Health Organization has fully endorsed all the measures taken by China to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Doctors are also vigilantly monitoring Chinese tourists who traveled to various countries around the world on the occasion of the celebration of the Buddhist New Year.
UN medical officials say it's too early to declare a pandemic. Perhaps the disease can be defeated without resorting to even more restrictions on the free movement of people around the planet. 

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drop in travel demand.

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