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Afghan girls are not going to drop out of school because of the attacks

07.06.2021 59 просмотров

Integrists in Kabul are trying to scare girls out of school.

In the Afghan capital Kabul in May, a bomb exploded at the entrance to the school of Syed ul-Shahad. Schoolchildren were injured in the attack. At least 80 people died, about 160 were injured. However, the children who survived the tragedy still intend to continue their studies.

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Fatima Nuri, a student who suffered from a terrorist attack:

"When I came to psychotherapy classes after the explosion, I was very scared. I was afraid that another terrorist attack might happen "I even felt sick before entering the building. And then I could not recover for a long time: I moved badly, spoke indistinctly. But in the end, after a few days, everything went away." 

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Somaya Ahmadi, Volunteer Psychologist:

"Our first priority is to help these girls, to share their suffering with them and to make sense of the situation together.We conduct psychotherapy sessions with them to create a mode of understanding with them, to give them the opportunity to feel our participation.In fact, we want to help them overcome this experience so that they do not dwell on it ".

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Taki Nuri, Fatima's father:

"There have always been wars in our country. But what can we do about it? the idea that this country is not suitable for me and my family and that I need to emigrate. The situation here is very unfavorable. But if we move and leave, then my children will be deprived of the opportunity to get an education. I think they have already reached a certain level, but they need to keep learning. We want to help them realize their dreams."

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Schoolchildren's parents have asked government officials to better think about school security. The government agreed. Affected children undergo psychological rehabilitation courses.

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