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Abu Dhabi distributes free food to motorists

03.06.2018 137 просмотров

The campaign was organized by a volunteer movement as part of the holy month of Ramadan. The action was attended by police officers who were on duty at that time on the streets of the city. 

Over the past 24 hours, almost five thousand portions of food were distributed free of charge to passing drivers. By the end of the holy month, more than 142,000 servings will be distributed in total. According to the police department of the city, law enforcement officers took part in the action in order to stimulate the townspeople to become more actively involved in the volunteer movement. 

In addition to helping volunteers , police patrols ensure traffic safety on city highways, since in the evening hours many drivers are in a hurry to go home to make iftar (evening conversation during Ramadan). In a hurry, some people drive the car inattentively, do not observe the speed limit. Police statistics show that the majority of accidents in the UAE during Ramadan occur shortly before iftar. 

As the city police emphasized, this initiative not only reflects the spirit of the month of Ramadan itself, but helps reduce accidents by allowing drivers to comply traffic rules and satisfy hunger on the way. 

In addition to drivers, the police also distributed iftar to passengers of public transport. As one of the officers said, good deeds help build bridges between different segments of the population. And one of the main goals of the holy month is precisely the multiplication of good deeds.

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