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About a thousand residents of Stavropol will be able to plunge into the thermal springs in Epiphany

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Thermal springs in the Stavropol Territory will be able to receive more than a thousand people on the feast of the Epiphany. Thermal complexes will operate in the region in the village of Kazminskoye and the Belovsky farm, a total of 56 organized fonts will be opened in the region.

"Our complex will work all night long, two territories will be open. In one pool we can accommodate 300-400 people at a time, in the second - about 200. The water will be blessed at half past two in the night, but judging by the experience of past years, many people come and earlier, around midnight,” TASS was told at the Valley of Geysers thermal complex in the village of Kazminskoe.

in Belovsky farm. "On this night, we are extending the opening hours. Most people, of course, come at night, there is almost no one during the day. Last year, we received about 300 people on Epiphany night, but we can accept much more," the administration of the thermal complex explained.< br>
The water temperature in thermal springs remains at 36-38 degrees Celsius, but in the hottest pools it can reach 41-42 degrees.

In total, 56 organized bathing places. In Stavropol, a font will be equipped at the Cold Springs springs, in Kislovodsk one of the bathing places will be the Glass Stream reservoir in the Kurortny Park, in Essentuki an ice hole will be organized on the city lake. More than 60,000 residents of the region take part in Epiphany bathing every year.

"There is a possibility that physically unprepared believers may not calculate the time spent in the water or, even worse, without intending to bathe, fall into the water in their clothes, stumbling on In order to prevent this, on the night of January 18-19, the rescuers will be transferred to an enhanced mode of work, "said Oleg Degtyarev, head of the press service of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Stavropol Territory.

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