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About a million Chinese will be sent to isolation

15.01.2021 118 просмотров

In China, a decision was made to build a new quarantine center.

In China's northern province of Hebei, in Shijiazhuang City, 280 kilometers from Beijing, a new quarantine facility is being urgently built to isolate and possibly treat people under observation for possible infection with the coronavirus.

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34 hectares have been set aside for medical use in the vicinity of Gaocheng County, which has a population of 800,000 in 226 towns. The regional government has decided to reorganize the villages of the county in view of the emergence of the coronavirus in the area. Quarantine will be passed in successive waves by residents of all settlements. During their absence, the homes will be thoroughly disinfected.

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an area of 18 square meters. Each room is equipped with everything you need, including WiFi, hot and cold water supply and air conditioning. The latter is by no means superfluous, given the smog of industrial origin, often enveloping this city.

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3 thousand workers work in 4 shifts at the construction site. All have been tested for COVID-19. A total of 3,600 individual blocks are planned to be erected. Work does not stop even for a minute. The speed of construction beats all records. For example, if the decision to create an object was made on January 12, then on January 14, 600 premises were commissioned, and on January 15, electricity and main communications were connected.

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