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Abkhazia is ready for further integration with Russia.

26.08.2022 ТАСС 59 просмотров

Abkhazia is ready for further integration with Russia.

Abkhazia is interested in a strong alliance and further integration with Russia. This was announced on Thursday by the President of the Republic Aslan Bzhania.

"In the case of such a prospect as a union state [with the participation of Russia, Belarus and other countries wishing to join this union], we would be happy to support this idea," the head of the republic said on the TV channel "Solovyov Live".

The idea of a union state is close to the people of Abkhazia, it corresponds to the national interests of the republic, Aslan Bzhania noted.

"We clearly understand that <...> we need a strong alliance with the Russian Federation," the head of the republic said. — After the Russian Federation, I am sure of it, successfully completes a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, there will be a completely different reality. I think it will be obvious to everyone, I mean the leadership and the people of Russia, who are real allies, who were really close to the people and the leadership of Russia during this difficult time."

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