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Abkhazia is the birthplace of Superheroes

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The names of real heroes often remain unknown, and there were not so few of them in Abkhazia.

It's not about people whose names are well known to all of us, but about those whom many of don't know of us, those whom can be called Superheroes with confidence.

The prototype of the modern Aquaman in the Abkhazian adaptation can be considered Mammad Molla Bayram-oglu Bedia, who, many years before the world record of the Frenchman Michel, who crossed the English Channel, on a dare, at the end of the 19th century, swam 32 nautical miles (about 56 kilometers) separating Batumi and Poti, setting a world record , which, unfortunately, was not recorded by special documents, but history has preserved information about this.

Our hero was originally from Adzyubzha, his father Bayram was from Akarmara, and his mother was a native of Adzyubzha from the surname Delba. From early childhood, Mamed learned to swim in the restless Kodor. He was 12 or 14 when their family was deported to the Ottoman Empire.

Makhadzhirstvo (exile, Adyghe) left a deep imprint on his memory, especially the memory that in stormy weather the bodies of Abkhazian exiles were thrown onto the Batumi coast by the sea. However, severe life trials only tempered Mamed and set him the fairway of his life path.

In 1884 he began to work as a professional rescuer in Batumi. He worked for 60 years, was awarded and bore the high title of "Hero of Labor". On account of our superhero, just think, 4,016 saved lives! And those are just the ones that were recorded. How many did Aquaman save?



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