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A three-meter snowman was made in Kolyma

29.10.2019 121 просмотров

Photos of the sculpture, which appeared in the area of the Arman Pass, were posted on the Internet.

The picture was posted on Instagram by a user with the nickname @katrin_abaturova. The girl says she saw a snowman while skiing. The figure is standing on the side of the road. 

Snowman with a two-story house< br> blinded in Tyumen
In social networks there are photos of other snowmen. Residents of Magadan also created snow compositions in the form of bears, representatives of law enforcement agencies, someone also sculpted female figures. 

There are many snowmen: they are on the streets of the regional center, in courtyards, in the city park and even in the middle of the highway.

Snow on the roads of Kolyma appeared at the end of September, in Magadan it fell at the very beginning of October. According to weather forecasts, precipitation will be observed in the region throughout the week. Experts predict rain and snow. The temperature will fluctuate from zero degrees during the day to minus seven at night. 

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