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A street in one of the cities of India was named after a Russian traveler

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Indian historians helped name a street in Kozhikode after Athanasius Nikitin.

A street in  Kozhikode city, southern state of Kerala, has been renamed  Athanasius Nikitin Street with the help of Indian historians scientists. As told on Wednesday corr. TASS Honorary Consul of Russia in Trivandrum, director of the Russian House in this city Ratish Nair, many in Kozhikode did know that there was such a Russian traveler Afanasy Nikitin, who visited Even before swimming Vasco da Gamaand left the travel Notes "Journey beyond three seas", where he described a number of Indian cities, including Kozhikode.

“At first, when we made a proposal to name the street after a Russian traveler, the mayor's office was interested in this proposal, but many deputies of the city assembly had doubts. They said that the first to India from Europeans sailed the Portuguese Vasco da Gama, whose caravels arrived precisely in Kozhikode in 1498. We had to explain that yes Gama opened the way to India around Africa, and it was an outstanding voyage, but Europeans have been to India before including the merchant from Russia Nikitin, who left the most interesting testimonies,   ;- said Ratish Nair.

He noted that it took consultation of well-known Indian historians, who confirmed to doubting officials that the merchant from  Tver really visited India in the XV century. “This is the head of the history department at the University of Kerala in Trivandrum Gopakumar. The historians Prof. Muhammad Aliand ProfessorWashisht of Kozhikode also helped, explained Ratish Nair.

As a result, on April 13, during a meeting of the city council, some deputies called historians right at the meeting, and they confirmed that the Russian merchant Afanasy Nikitin was really here. And only then it was decided to name the city street after him!  - added the head of the Russian House.

Customs Street, overlooking the sea, has been named after Afanasy Nikitin.

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