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A snowman with a two-story house was made in Tyumen

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A huge figure appeared in one of the courtyards of the village of Moskovsky, the author is a 19-year-old student.

According to the young man, it took him a week to build the giant, he worked alone.

2019 snowmen 
appeared in Harbin< /a> 
Alexander said that he did not just do it. A student wants to win a competition for the tallest snowman, the winner of which will receive 100 thousand rubles.

The main problem, as the Tyumen resident noted, was loose snow. However, he found a solution - he collected a large form, like for a cake, and began to cover it with snow. The result was a huge three-tiered "cake". “After that, I simply cut out the usual three balls from the already finished tiers. I fixed eyes, a smile, a carrot and buttons with hands on it, ”says Alexander.

By the way, the young man keeps the exact height of the snowman a secret so that no one builds higher. Under the terms of the competition, the process of creating a figure must be filmed. Alexander is already preparing his video.

We would like to remind you that on New Year's Eve a "Battle of the Snowmen" took place in Tyumen. Heroes of fairy tales, cartoons, portraits of famous countrymen and a large number of figures of various wild boars and pigs appeared in the local park. The sculptures were created by schoolchildren.

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