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A serviceman of the National Guard in the NAO spoke about the role of physical education

15.08.2021 98 просмотров

Love for sports and service in the law enforcement forces helped Lieutenant Alexander Stepanov to correctly determine life guidelines.

On Athlete's Day, a serviceman of the National Guard Office for the Nenets Autonomous Okrug spoke about the role of physical culture in human life. The head of the professional service and physical training group, Lieutenant Alexander Stepanov, devoted 20 years to teaching, coached athletics teams for five years and served in the law enforcement forces for ten years.

school, from the fifth grade. Started with basketball, then moved on to wrestling. While I lived in the village, there were few coaches, and in the city I was able to train in two sections at once. After school I went to basketball, and in the evening I went to wrestling. So I got involved. Then he switched to athletics and became very interested in football. He became the champion of the school, the champion of his region: twice in football, once in basketball. He was a repeated champion in high jumps,” recalls Lieutenant Stepanov.

Then the graduate of the school was waiting for urgent service in the internal troops - the predecessors of the troops of the National Guard of the Russian Federation. Army discipline, instructions from commanders and mutual assistance of colleagues helped the young athlete to correctly determine life guidelines.

“I value service in the law enforcement forces very much - both urgent and contract. Lots of friends that we still meet and talk to. We are united by peacekeeping missions to the North Caucasus, where we provided humanitarian assistance to the civilian population and prevented the escalation of ethnic conflicts. During the service, he prepared a lot and at the end of the contract he managed to enter the pedagogical faculty of the university. Then he taught physical culture at school and college. I realized that this is my vocation,” says Alexander.

In the Russian Guard Alexander Stepanov since 2017. Valuable experience helps the head of the professional service and physical training group to find an individual approach to each serviceman and employee. Under the leadership of an officer, the team of the Directorate has repeatedly won regional competitions in mini-football, volleyball and other disciplines. The officer carefully keeps numerous cups, medals and diplomas of students.

“It is important to take into account the individual characteristics of a particular person, the current state of health, the presence of injuries and diseases, to give a dosed and adapted load. Our main goal is to ensure the necessary level of physical fitness of persons serving in the National Guard troops for the successful fulfillment of the assigned tasks and official duties in accordance with their intended purpose. I believe that this goal has been achieved,” the serviceman shares.

A teacher of the highest qualification category and an experienced coach Alexander Stepanov worries about today's youth. The officer believes that adults should not be indifferent to the upbringing of the younger generation. Therefore, servicemen and employees of the Russian Guard regularly conduct classes, master classes and other sports events for schoolchildren in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

“Sport needs to be raised. It is important to instill in children a love for physical culture from a young age, to promote their harmonious development. As a coach, I hope that one day all sports clubs and sections for children in our country will become free. So that the children would be engaged, and we would look for talented athletes who would adequately represent Russia at the Olympic Games and other international competitions,” concluded Lieutenant Stepanov.

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