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A resident of Yekaterinburg won ₽500 million

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The owner of the lottery money was a 35-year-old local driver.

Nikolai Miroshnichenko and his wife Oksana arrived to process their winnings two weeks after the results were announced.

The popularity of lotteries
breaking records in China
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As the woman notes, they had a lottery ticket since the summer, check which the family kept forgetting. Before the New Year, the couple decided to change the ticket for a new one. However, Oksana also forgot about the date of circulation.

Nikolai began to check the ticket only after he returned from a business trip. The family still cannot believe that they have become the owner of such a fortune.

“First of all, let's forget about the mortgage, help relatives and think about charity. I really want to go on a trip abroad, I have never been abroad,” says the happy owner of ₽500 million.

According to the Stoloto press service, Miroshnichenko has been familiar with state lotteries for many years.

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