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A resident of the NAO who voluntarily handed over the found gun will receive an award

02.02.2021 96 просмотров

A resident of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug voluntarily handed over a gun found during cleaning to the employees of the National Guard.

The weapon was sent for forensic examination to resolve the issue of paying a law-abiding citizen a monetary reward.

While sorting out unnecessary things, a 38-year-old resident of one of the villages of the Zapolyarny district of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug stumbled upon a suspicious object. It turned out to be a 20-gauge smoothbore hunting rifle with unreadable numbers. The vigilant citizen immediately reported the dangerous find to law enforcement agencies and voluntarily handed over the weapon to the National Guard.

“It has been established that the object found by the man, which is structurally similar to a weapon, is not registered with the National Guard troops. The gun was sent for forensic examination to check for suitability for firing a shot. The procedure is necessary to resolve the issue of paying a citizen a monetary reward - four thousand rubles - for participating in the district program for the voluntary surrender of illegally stored weapons, ”said the senior inspector for special assignments of the center for licensing and permitting work of the Rosgvardia Directorate for the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Police Major Dmitry Popov.

In accordance with the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, the voluntary surrender of firearms, their main parts, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices exempts from criminal liability for their circulation. In the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, program participants are paid the following monetary rewards:

  • 15,000 rubles for one unit of military weapons;
  • 6,000 rubles for one unit of service, sports or hunting rifled firearms weapons;
  • 4,000 rubles for one unit of smooth-bore firearms;
  • 3,000 rubles for an explosive device;
  • 3,000 rubles for one improvised firing device;
  • 2500 rubles for one unit of gas, traumatic or signal weapons;
  • 10 rubles for one cartridge for military weapons, 5 rubles for one cartridge for civil or service weapons;
  • 500 rubles for blasting devices (electric detonator, detonator cap, fuse (in pieces), igniter and electrically conductive cords (in meters) - operating or subject to restoration).

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