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A resident of Perm reached Thailand on a bicycle

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Andrey Tyulkin covered the route in three and a half months, having traveled over 12.5 thousand kilometers.

The man traveled through seven countries, including China, Vietnam, Laos and Russia. The traveler is going back to Perm closer to spring, so that the frosts do not take him by surprise.

According to the cyclist, one of the most difficult parts of the journey was the trip around China. Andrey Tyulkin with great effort crossed the Torugart Pass when he crossed the border of Kyrgyzstan and China. Then he ended up on a toll freeway, where cyclists are prohibited.

Several times he was stopped by the local police. In the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Andrei was confiscated knives, an ax and other sharp objects.

The inhabitants of Altai went to
Bali on bikes -do-bali-na-velosipedakh/?sphrase_id=761030" target="_blank">

The Russian admitted that the Gobi desert, through which the route ran, "dry" him. The easiest for the traveler were Vietnam and Laos, where there were fewer requirements for Andrei's movement. & nbsp;

Now Andrei Tyulkin is resting in Phuket - this is the final point of his route. 

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