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A plant in the Chelyabinsk region started assembling an unusual tram

17.10.2020 127 просмотров

For the first time in the Russian Federation, the car-building enterprise of Roscosmos assembles a five-section tram according to the Lego principle.

The Ust-Katav Carriage Works (part of Roskosmos) for the first time in the Russian Federation began to assemble a five-section tram. It will be made according to the Lego principle, Konstantin Kolomiets, deputy chief designer for civil products of the experimental design department of UKVZ, told TASS.

“The production of parts for it has begun,” said Konstantin Kolomiets.

As the deputy chief designer specified, this is a prototype that is to be certified. "It will be made according to the principle of Lego cubes, that is from small blocks a section is assembled at the beginning, and then the section is already assembled into car", explained Kolomiets, specifying that "a five-section tram" is not & nbsp; dogma, there is a variant of three-section, four-section and & nbsp; so up to & nbsp; nine you can dial.

Another novelty, which is more than 50% assembled in experimental workshop is a car with completely low floor. It will also have "some features" that and the plant has not talked about yet.

At the end of February, Roman Novikov, General Director of UKVZ JSC, told TASS that the Ust-Katav Carriage Works will soon create a prototype of a five-section tram, which not yet in Russia. According to him, he will not be inferior to European counterparts.

Ust-Katav Carriage Works is capable of producing tram cars with different gauges and various control systems for traction electrical equipment, spare parts and service equipment. UKVZ was previously a branch of the M. V. Khrunichev Center. On February 3, he was finally withdrawn from its membership.

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