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A pianist from Russia plays in a hospital in Abu Dhabi

02.05.2020 190 просмотров

Eleonora Borisova performs "Melody of Hope" in the lobby of the Burjeel Hospital in the UAE capital.

In this way, the musician and composer is supporting the morale of healthcare workers and patients who are fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

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creatively against COVID-19
The 31-year-old Russian woman, also known as Nora Lee, noted that while in the hospital, she observes the selfless service of doctors and nurses every day. 

“Many of them have extended their shifts due to the increase in the number of patients. I want to support them with relaxing music,” says Borisova.

It is worth noting that she has been working as a guest musician at the Abu Dhabi hospital for two years now. Many visitors order their favorite tunes from her.

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