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A new record for the cost of green tea was set in Japan

18.04.2022 184 просмотров

At an auction in Japan, a kilogram of tea was sold for a record 15.5 thousand. dollars.

A kilogram pack of tea leaves from central Japan was sold on Monday for 1.96 million yen (about 15.5 thousand dollars), which was an absolute record for the entire time of such auctions. They are held annually in April in the city of Shizuoka, in the region of which the best tea plantations of the country are located, according to the Kyodo news agency.

Connoisseurs after tasting noted that green tea bought at a record price has a unique intense taste and aroma, especially deep color. On Monday, at auctions in Shizuoka, new-harvest tea was sold on average for 5,000. yen (about $40) per kilogram.

Japan is known for agricultural auctions, which often set record prices. So, in  last July, at an auction in the city of Kanazawa, a bunch of grapes of the rare Pima Ruby variety was sold for almost 13 ths. dollars.

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