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A new airport will appear in Kuzbass by 2024

20.05.2021 90 просмотров

The airport will be built 7 km from the future Sheregesh tourist cluster.

Kuzbass, with the participation of the state corporation VEB.RF, plans to create an all-season tourist cluster in the popular ski resort of Sheregesh in the south of the region, where more than 2 million tourists spent their holidays this ski season. To increase the transport accessibility of the resort and increase the tourist flow in Sheregesh, it is planned to build its own airport by 2024, according to the official website of the regional government on Thursday. become the Novaport holding, which manages 21 airports in Russia. The company will prepare a commercial strategy for the Sheregesh airport development project. VEB.RF is ready to consider the project for structuring and participating in the organization of debt financing.

“As part of the region's cooperation with the VEB.RF corporation, it is planned to develop an all-season tourism cluster at the Sheregesh ski resort. This will create an additional 1,000 new jobs. For greater transport accessibility, by 2024 it is planned to build a local airport 7 km from the future Sheregesh tourist cluster. This will also relieve the passenger flow of the operating airport in Novokuznetsk. Investments will amount to about 14 billion rubles,” the report says.

It is planned that the cluster project will be implemented by 2032. On the territory of about 118 hectares, a new infrastructure will be built for accommodation, recreation and sports for more than 250 thousand people annually. This ski season, Sheregesh set a record for attendance - the resort was visited by over 2 million people, which is almost twice as many as in 2020 and 2019. In addition to tourists from Siberia, people come to Kuzbass to rest from the regions of central Russia and even from the south of the country. Vacationers arrive in the city of Novokuznetsk, 180 km from Sheregesh, and then get to the ski resort by train or bus, which takes time. Own airport will increase the tourist attractiveness of the region.

The development of Sheregesh is included in the program of socio-economic development of Kuzbass until 2024, approved in early March by the Prime Minister of the Russian FederationMikhail Mishustin. It provides 3.2 billion rubles from the budget for the implementation of infrastructure projects in Sheregesh - the construction of roads, the modernization of utility networks.

By 2025, the regional authorities also expect to attract at least 8.45 billion rubles of private investment. It is planned to build seven three- and five-star hotels, an apartment complex with a total fund of more than 1 thousand rooms, the first children's camp in Sheregesh, and snow tubing. It is also planned to launch the fastest cable car in Russia. It is expected that the development of the resort will create an additional almost 1.7 thousand new jobs in the non-primary sector and accommodate more tourists.

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