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A native of Kazakhstan climbed the "Green Pedestal"

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FAO/GEF National Project Coordinator in Kazakhstan Janyl Bozaeva was included in the list of the top 100 young employees of the Organization in the world.

Two hundred people and ten teams from across the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) were honored for "outstanding performance under extraordinary circumstances in this extraordinary year" at the FAO Employee Recognition Awards 2020, a global virtual event.
< br> Among the awardees - Zhanyl Bozaeva, National Manager of the FAO-GEF project "Integrated natural resource management in drought-prone and saline agricultural production landscapes of Central Asia and Turkey" (CACILM-2, CACILM-II) in Kazakhstan.

“After I was informed that I was on the list of the best young and promising employees in the world, I realized that our efforts were not in vain, that the efforts that we put into our work do not go unnoticed, - said Zhanyl. -  The fact that no one is left behind, I was convinced from my own experience. & nbsp; Wherever you work, whatever you do - if you put your soul, knowledge into your work and strive to do your job in the best possible way, this will definitely be noticed. This award has become a sign for me that I am on the right track. Thanks to the award, I realized that I was appreciated. And when a person understands that they are valued, powerful internal motivation wakes up and you want to bring even more benefit to people with your work and do everything for the good of the planet.”

As part of the annual initiative proposed by FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu, awarded to 100 young and 100 experienced but "young at heart" employees of the Organization for achievements in innovation, knowledge sharing, efficiency and effectiveness, teamwork and partnership. The 200 prize-winners, selected from a FAO system-wide survey of 600 nominations, represent more than 90 nationalities and work in the Organization's offices in more than 80 countries.

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