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A monument to the protagonist of the film "The Needle" was erected in the Kazakh capital

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The statue was installed on the alley of Tulebaev Street on June 21. The time and place of the opening of the monument was not chosen by chance: on this day, the legend of Russian rock and the leading actor Viktor Tsoi could have turned 56 years old, and the final scene of the picture was filmed on the alley. 

The initiative group came up with the idea to erect a monument about a year ago. The mayor's office of the Kazakh capital and the St. Petersburg sculptor Matvey Makushkin, who created the monument, helped to implement the project. Batyr Kazybaev, a member of the initiative group, noted that for fans of the Kino group and the film shot by Kazakh director Rashid Nugmanov, the monument will become a symbolic place. 

It is noteworthy that preparatory work was carried out on the alley before the opening of the Moro statue: fir trees were planted, lanterns and benches from the time of filming were installed, and signs with quotes from the songs of the Kino collective appeared on the sidewalks. All this, according to the organizers of the action, will create the atmosphere of that time, fill this place with special energy. 

The monument opened in Astana is already the second one in the Republic. About a year ago, a monument was erected in Karaganda, the idea for which was the cover of the group "A Star Called the Sun". 

For reference: 
The film "The Needle" was shot by Rashid Nugmanov in 1988 and was one of the first to raise the problem of drug addiction, which was closed in the then USSR. The leader of the Kino group, Viktor Tsoi, played the main character of the film, Moreau. The premiere took place in the capital of the Kazakh SSR in September 1988, and a little later - in February 1989 - in Moscow. More than 15.5 million people in the Soviet Union watched the film during its release. The picture won a number of awards, including the main prize at the Nuremberg International Film Festival in 1990. 

The final shot of the film The Needle. jpg 
The final shots of the film The Needle. Photo:

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