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A metro will appear in the million-plus city on the Yenisei

09.07.2021 259 просмотров

The timing of the construction of the metro in Krasnoyarsk is planned to be determined next week.

The timing of the start of construction of the metro in Krasnoyarsk should be determined next week, after the head of the region, Alexander Uss, will present the design solution to Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation said on Thursday on the air of the Rossiya-24 TV channel ".

“As for Krasnoyarsk, next week I will have the governor with all the calculations. The other day we arranged a meeting, we will look at the design solution, how much it costs, after that I will name the terms, - said Khusnullin.

Earlier, the authorities of the region noted that the cost of building the first stage of the subway would be 114 billion rubles. The governor of the region, Alexander Uss, told TASS that the resumption of construction of the metro in the city could begin at the end of this year.

The construction of subway in Krasnoyarsk began in October 1995, it was repeatedly suspended due to funding problems. The construction was finally mothballed in 2013. In 2019, the Krasnoyarsk Territory received 1 billion rubles from the federal budget to adjust the project documentation of the subway under the Clean Air federal project (the Ecology national project). At currently, the metro project is under consideration by the Glavgosexpertiza.

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