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A local lawyer spoke about the new realities of Russian tourism in South Korea

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A South Korean lawyer explained the rules for the entry of Russians into the republic.

Russians wishing to visit the Republic of Korea as tourists will face a number of difficulties after the opening of air traffic between the two countries, scheduled for 27 September. South Korean lawyer, immigration attorney Kang Sang Pil told TASS on Saturday about this.

He recalled that due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, on April 13, the agreement with Russia on the mutual cancellation of visa requirements was suspended. Now all Russians wishing to visit South Korea are required to visit the embassy and obtain a visa. Visa requirements have also become stricter.

In particular, foreigners entering the Republic, including citizens of the Russian Federation, no more than 48 hours before departure must undergo a medical examination and obtain a conclusion about the absence of symptoms of the disease caused by the coronavirus. This certificate will need to be translated into English or Korean and presented at check-in for flight, otherwise the passenger will not be allowed to flight. In addition, employees of the South Korean immigration service may also be required to show a medical report, the lawyer said.

At the same time, you do not need to take a test for coronavirus before departure, a simple examination by a doctor in an accredited clinic for symptoms is enough. Exceptions to the  rule are made only for certain categories of citizens -diplomats, civil servants, large investors, and foreign compatriots (ethnic Koreans).

However, upon arrival in the Republic of Korea, you will have to pass the test directly at the airport and regardless of its results go to quarantine for 14 days. The room for this will be provided by the South Korean authorities, staying in it will cost up to 150,000 won ($137) per day, which must be paid by yourself, said Kang Sang Pil.

Resuming air traffic

September 18 Russian operational headquarters for  in the fight against the new coronavirus infection, announced that the Russian Federation will resume air traffic with Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan from September 21 , and from September 27 -with South Korea.

“According to the results of the meeting, a decision was made to renew on a reciprocal basis international air traffic from September 27 with South Korea (Seoul city)”,  - informed the headquarters, noting that the flights will be carried out on a reciprocal basis with a frequency of once a week. The republic did not close its borders due to the pandemic, however, the number of flights it operates has sharply decreased due to falling demand and flight restrictions imposed by other countries.

Regular flights between Russia and other states were interrupted at the end of March due to the spread of the coronavirus. After that, it was possible to carry out only the so-called export flights. From  1 August, it was allowed to resume flights to Great Britain, Tanzania and Turkey. From 15 August, flights between Russia and Switzerland have resumed.

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