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A huge Rubik's cube was collected in Yekaterinburg

14.05.2019 74 просмотров

The art object is installed in a park near the Ural University of Communications.

Recall that the squares with letters appeared at USURT a week ago. The author of the project, Ilya Mozgi, suggested that the townspeople collect the scattered elements of the puzzle.

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< b>Matryoshkas will help Yekaterinburg
However, later he did it himself. The design is the phrase "All in vain." Passers-by, by the way, assumed that the author encrypted "European Union" or "seriously".

"The work tells how a long way of searching for answers from life can be futile," the artist explained. He advised me to take it easy on small failures.

Ilya Mozgi is one of the organizers of the first partisan street art festival Carte Blanche, which was first held in the Ural capital last year. 

Creating art objects, the artist considers it important "to change things around you, to be a reflection of the city, to find new meanings in familiar places."

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