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A direct flight from Chinese Sanya to Zhukovsky has opened

24.02.2019 84 просмотров

The carrier on the route was the Russian charter airline I-Fly.

Flights are carried out on Airbus A330-200 liners, which are capable of taking on board up to 253 passengers in a three-class layout. Departure will be carried out twice a week, reports TASS
New flights will be launched from Russia to Sanya

Before the beginning of March, it is planned to organize two more direct flights from Sanya to Ufa and Kazan. Analysts believe that more than 70 thousand passengers will be transported on these routes by the end of 2019. 

The city of Sanya, located in the southern Chinese province of Hainan, is a popular resort. Last year it was visited by more than 200 thousand tourists from Russia. As previously reported by "Greater Asia", in the near future to the seaside city & nbsp; sanya-pustyat-pryamye-aviareysy/?sphrase_id=9838">seven new flights will be launched. In addition to Zhukovsky, Ufa and Kazan, direct air links are planned to be established with St. become profitable. Even with subsidized flights, the costs are paid off due to the large volume of tourist flow from Russia to the Middle Kingdom.

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