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A batch of Russian vaccine Sputnik V arrived in Abkhazia

16.11.2021 45 просмотров

From May to July, 6.5 thousand residents of the country were vaccinated with the Russian drug.

shipment of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine in the amount of 6,000 doses was delivered to Abkhazia from the Russian Federation, the press service of the republic's Ministry of Health reported. The drug was purchased at the expense of the republic's budget. Vaccination of the population with the Russian two-component drug will begin this week," the report says. Sputnik V vaccines, the first part of which was delivered to the republic on Monday. "Negotiations with Russia on the supply of the vaccine were personally conducted by President Aslan Bzhaniya", the message explains.

6.5 thousand residents of Abkhazia were vaccinated with the Sputnik V vaccine from May to July, about 4,000 have been vaccinated with Sputnik Light since August.

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