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86% of Chinese capital residents received their first COVID-19 vaccine

30.05.2021 112 просмотров

More than 86% of Beijing residents over the age of 18 have received their first coronavirus vaccine.

Over 86% of Beijing residents over the age of 18 have received their first shot against the novel coronavirus. This was reported on Sunday by the Sina information portal.

According to its data, in seven of the 16 districts of the city, whose population is 21.5 million people, the proportion of citizens over 18 who received the first dose of the vaccine against COVID- 19, exceeded 90%.

According to Sina, as of 10:00 (05:00 Moscow time) on May 30, more than 16.88 million adult residents of the Chinese capital were vaccinated against coronavirus. Of these, 14.125 million people received two vaccinations and completed the vaccination process.

The material indicates that more than 390 vaccination points have been opened in Beijing, and more than 7,000 medical workers have been involved in the vaccination campaign.

> Vaccination of priority populations in China began on December 15, 2020. As of the end of February, the Chinese authorities distributed vaccines among 54.52 million people in the country. By April 1, there were 126.6 million vaccinations, and by May 1 - 270.41 million. million vaccinations. Earlier, China's leading epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan informed about the plans of the authorities to vaccinate about 40% of the population of the republic by June, that is, approximately 560 million out of more than 1.4 billion people.

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