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71-year-old politician from India shared the secret of the fight against coronavirus

13.10.2020 30 просмотров

Perseverance, yoga and national cuisine: the Vice President of India said that he defeated the coronavirus thanks to yoga and national food.

Indian Vice President Muppawarapu Venkaya Naidu announced on Tuesday that he had recovered from the coronavirus infection, which he was diagnosed with on September 29. The 71-year-old politician noted that internal perseverance, yoga and national cuisine helped him overcome the disease.

“I firmly believe that despite my age and some medical issues like diabetes, I was able to overcome COVID-19 thanks to my fitness, mental perseverance, regular physical exercise - walking and yoga - and eating only traditional food. I always preferred to eat only national food, including during the self-isolation   - said Muppawarapu Venkaya Nidu on   Facebook.

The Vice President of India has remained in home quarantine since on September 29, he tested positive for the coronavirus. The politician also stressed that he strictly followed all the recommendations of doctors.

“Based on my own experience and strong conviction I encourage everyone to exercise daily whether walking, running or yoga. In addition, it is important to eat protein-rich foods and avoid unhealthy foods. It is equally important that people remember and strictly adhere to measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and maintaining personal hygiene,” he added.

Naidoo also thanked the doctors and medical staff who helped him. He indicated that he would not be able to hold face-to-face meetings for for another week or so and will be working from home via videoconference.

As the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare reported Tuesday on its website, the total number of identified cases of coronavirus infection was 7,175,880. India today has the most high daily increase in the number of infected in the world and ranks second in the total number of infected, second only to the United States.

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