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50-year-old Japanese whiskey sold for $343,000

26.08.2018 166 просмотров

The bid was made by an unknown buyer from Asia through a special mobile application.

Auction House Bonhams held in Hong Kong and brought together true connoisseurs and collectors. The uniqueness and high price of Yamazaki 50 Years whiskey is due to the peculiarities of manufacturing and a small amount.

The drink is made from an elite variety of malt, which undergoes a special selection. The finished distillate is aged in barrels of five types for at least half a century. First they take bourbon barrels (made of American white oak), then two types of sherry barrels that are made in Spain, and wine barrels. The casks of the famous Japanese mizunara oak are used for the final finish. 

The Yamazaki 50 Years brand appeared on the market seven years ago. The strength of the single malt drink by ABV (Alcohol by Volume) was 57%. Price per bottle slightly exceeded the mark of 1 million yen (about $ 9.5 thousand). A batch of 150 bottles was sold out by fans of the drink, collectors and investors in a few days. 

The current auction is not the first this year. Last January at Sotheby's auction house, which also took place in Hong Kong, a bottle of Suntory Yamazaki 50 years old whiskey was purchased for $299,000. As now, the name of the buyer also remained unknown.

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