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26 new schools built in Chechnya in 2021

10.01.2022 102 просмотров

In Chechnya, the day the three-shift regime was reduced, 26 schools were built.

In 2021, the authorities of Chechnya built 26 new schools for 17.5 thousand places to reduce the three-shift regime of education under the national project "Education". Seven of them will be commissioned this year. This was reported to TASS by the chairman of the government of the regionMuslim Khuchiev.

The task of eliminating three-shift education is one of the most urgent in the education sector of the republic. To solve the problem, new general education organizations will be built by 2024 as part of the implementation of the national projects "Education", "Housing and the urban environment" and programs of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

"In 2021, to reduce the three-shift regime, 26 schools were built 17.5 thousand places, of which 19 for 12.4 thousand places were introduced by the beginning of the school year and seven will be introduced in 2022. In addition, 42 more schools will be built by 2024 and it is planned to apply for the construction of 32 schools" Muslim Khuchiev.

According to him, the already implemented measures have reduced the three-shift school from 70 to 25 schools. "Also, the program for the modernization of school education systems for 2022-2023 includes 80 educational institutions in the amount of 4.787 billion rubles. In total, it is [planned] to include at least 132 schools in the program until 2025," he added.

The national project "Education" is aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of Russian education. According to the goals of the national project, Russia should become one of the leading countries in terms of the quality of general education.

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