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2,000 military medics sent to Shanghai due to coronavirus outbreak

04.04.2022 110 просмотров

According to official figures, there are more than 55.9 thousand infected with coronavirus in hospitals in Shanghai, in connection with which the authorities announced a total check of the population for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Defense of the People's Republic of China sent about 2,000 military doctors to Shanghai to eliminate the outbreak of coronavirus infections. This was announced on Monday by the Chinese military department.

As specified on its page on the social network WeChat (WeChat), doctors and nurses were sent by the command of the land and naval forces of China. Seven groups of medical personnel will arrive in the city, as noted.

"They will start work immediately after arriving in Shanghai," the report said. In particular, doctors of the Ministry of Defense will begin mass testing of the local population for coronavirus.

According to official data, over 55,900 people infected with coronavirus are in hospitals in Shanghai. Of these, about 96% are asymptomatic carriers. The number of daily infections in the city is increasing rapidly. In this regard, the authorities announced a total check of the entire local population for COVID-19.

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