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10-kilogram dumpling was caught in Lake Blagoveshchensk

23.07.2019 182 просмотров

Now the leadership of the Friendship Park decides where the art object can be placed.

photo of the discovery was posted on Instagram of the square with the caption “The creative youth of Blagoveshchensk made a 10-kilogram dumpling. Here is such an art object appeared in Friendship Park.” 

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Then a video was uploaded of a dumpling being pulled out of the lake. The administration noted that such objects should not appear in the park without approval and sent the sculpture to the warehouse to wait for its owner, RIA Novosti reports. 

Local media reported that the object was created from epoxy resin and glass material. It was supposed to become an alternative symbol of friendship between Russia and China. The fact is that the buildings in the park are stylized as Chinese architecture. “Due to the mixed reactions, we decided to remove the dumpling from the lake. They won't throw it away, now they are thinking what to do with it next,” the agency's interlocutor said. A visitor to the exhibition tossed a treat made of paper and chewing gum as an exhibit. The author was preparing for a joke and even left his data at the exhibition.

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