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A shield-shaped mirror and a long sword were discovered by Japanese archaeologists

27.01.2023 NHK 194 просмотров

Archaeologists working in the western part of Japan, on the territory of the ancient capital of Nara, discovered a shield-shaped mirror and a long sword during excavations in an ancient mound.

Tomio-Maruyama burial mound in the city of Nara dates back to the second half of the fourth century. It is the largest rounded mound in Japan.

The mirror reaches a length of more than 60 cm, and a width of about 30 cm. The upper part of the mirror is rounded and resembles a shield. A mirror of a similar shape was discovered in Japan for the first time.

The surface of the mirror is polished to reflect light, and the reverse side is decorated with images of deities and animals placed in a circle, as well as an ornament similar to the teeth of a saw.

The sword, fluted and reaching a length of more than 2.3 meters, is the oldest of the swords of this type found in Japan, and the longest of the modern swords discovered at excavations in East Asia.

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