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“Yu.A. Gagarin" landed in Kazakhstan

17.10.2021 72 просмотров

Actress Yulia Peresild said that she was sad because of the end of the expedition to the ISS.

“I’m in a slightly sad mood today. Because it seemed like 12 days was a lot, and when it was all over, I didn’t want to leave,” she said on Channel One after the descent module of the Yu.A. Gagarin" ("Soyuz MS-18") with members of the film crew.

"After all, it is clear that it was only once," the actress explained.

During the flight from Kazakhstan to Russia Yulia Peresild reported that she feels well, despite her "half-altered state". “I don’t feel sick, my head doesn’t hurt, it’s just that I’m not very good at walking yet,” she said.

The actress told the Channel One journalist that the film crew members hardly slept during the 12 days of filming, because they were afraid of a deterioration in their condition. in the following days. "We slept very little, despite the fact that the doctors did not allow us to do this, we, of course, did not obey anyone. <...> The fact is that we had a very big plan that we had to do We didn't really stop, especially in the early days," she added.

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Peresild emphasized that the flight into space was an incredible adventure for her. "Of course, I want to go home, I want to be with the children, but it's just such a feeling, it was some kind of short love date with this incredible space, because it's impossible to photograph. It's clear that we shot something there, but it's still very difficult convey the atmosphere when you look out the window and see the earth. <...> Maybe in our movie it will be possible to [transmit the atmosphere], we really [this] wanted," the actress shared.

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The descent vehicle with a cosmonautOleg Novitsky , actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko landed in Kazakhstan at 07:35 Moscow time on Sunday.

Yulia Peresild andKlim Shipenko were the first in the world to shoot a feature film in space - a drama with the working title "Challenge", which tells about a girl doctor who flies into orbit to save the astronaut. The film is a joint project of Roscosmos, Channel One and Yellow, Black and White studios. Russian cosmonauts also took part in the filming - Anton Shkaplerov, Oleg Novitsky and Pyotr Dubrov. i>

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