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WHO pins hopes on Avifavir

04.06.2020 48 просмотров

This is the first Russian drug produced on the basis of Favipiravir, which since 2014 has been prescribed to the Japanese for severe forms of influenza.

Tests of a drug developed by Russian specialists for the treatment of patients with coronavirus infection are in full swing. It is planned that it will soon appear in Russian hospitals. But it is important to make sure that such a drug is safe for patients. Soumya Swaminathan, a researcher at the World Health Organization, said this at a briefing.

“It is very important for us to receive all the information regarding drugs that could safely treat patients with COVID-19,” said Ms. Swaminathan.< br>
The trade name of the drug is Avifavir. The international non-proprietary or grouping or chemical name is Favipiravir, according to a TASS report.

According to the results of the first ten days of testing Avifavir, no new, previously unknown side effects were found.

The effectiveness of the drug is more than 80%, which means high antiviral activity. 330 patients are involved in testing the drug. The supply of courses of the drug to domestic clinics should begin on June 11.

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