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5 Russian schools opened in Tajikistan

02.09.2022 Валерия Смирнова, проект «Россия с вами» 68 просмотров

On September 1, Russia jointly with Tajikistan opened five Russian schools with teaching in Russian. The opening took place in the largest cities of Tajikistan — Dushanbe, Khujand, Kulyab, Bokhtar and Tursunzad. 

The construction was supervised by the Eurasian Fund for Stabilization and Development, an anti—crisis fund created by several CIS countries in 2009 to combat the consequences of the global financial crisis. The project is under special control of Dushanbe, and the construction process itself was supervised by one of the deputy prime ministers of the Government of the republic. 

Each school is designed for 1224 students, provided that they study in one shift, 24 people per class. All schools were built according to a special project, in which Artemy Lebedev took part. They can withstand earthquakes up to 9 points — for a mountainous country with seismic activity, this is very important. The buildings have swimming pools (with facilities for disabled children), gyms, modern ventilation systems.

Russian education is in demand in Tajikistan - all subjects in schools will be taught in Russian, and textbooks on most subjects, with the exception of the Tajik language and the history of Tajikistan, correspond to the Russian general education program. Tajik diplomas of secondary education are recognized in the Russian Federation, which opens the way for local graduates to Russian universities on a common basis. 

Plots of land for construction were allocated by the Tajik authorities, and the construction was financed by the Russian side, which allocated about $ 150 million. The corresponding agreement between Moscow and Dushanbe was signed in the spring of 2019.

Education in schools is free. These are the only foreign schools in Tajikistan where parents do not have to pay for education. Now there are only private secondary educational institutions in the republic — American, English, Turkish, Chinese, and all of them on a fee basis. There is only one exception — a Japanese project to create small rural schools in remote areas (now there are more than 50 of them) as part of "gratuitous humanitarian aid for the general population." 
Sustainable interethnic ties and the development of dialogue between the CIS countries are the priorities of the Russian Federation in the framework of the development of humanitarian projects with Tajikistan. Multilateral educational and cultural exchange contributes to the geopolitical stability and economic development of a friendly State. 

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