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Orenburg has created a prototype of a machine for repairing oil and gas equipment without dismantling

01.12.2022 ТАСС 148 просмотров

The new machine will allow repairing pipelines without dismantling elements.

Students and teachers of Orenburg State University have developed a design of a mobile machine for processing the internal surfaces of pipe fittings. The machine allows you to repair products used in the oil and gas industry without dismantling, the press service of the university told TASS.

"The mobile device developed at the SKB [student design Bureau] allows grinding parts of lathes and boring machines without dismantling them. It is based directly on the part being processed. The weight of the mobile machine is 176 kg, and the design is collapsible, which makes it possible to install it manually," the OSU reported.

According to the developers, large-sized products in the event of a breakdown usually need to be transported to specialized repair companies. This process is associated with high transport costs, the risk of possible damage and increases the downtime of the restored equipment. The university also clarified that in some cases, to dismantle one part, it is necessary to completely disassemble the entire unit.

"The use of small mobile installations allows to avoid these difficulties, with the help of which repair work can be carried out directly at the location of the equipment. The prototype of such an installation was created by OSU scientists," the university said.

Students and teachers of the university have already made a prototype of a mobile machine for evaluating external and structural parameters. The plans are to produce, together with the industrial partner of the university, a prototype of the machine and test it in real production conditions. As explained in the press service, the student design bureau "Mobilstan" at OSU was created in 2021. It included students of the Aerospace Institute of the university, as well as teachers of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metalworking machines and Complexes. The development of a mobile machine design for processing the internal surfaces of pipe fittings has become one of the significant results of their joint work.

According to the university, the design of the mobile machine is being developed within the framework of the Priority 2030 program and is part of the strategic project "Technologies and Personnel for the Defense Industry" implemented by Orenburg State University.

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