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Holstein breed of cow was cloned in China

02.02.2023 ТАСС 72 просмотров

Chinese scientists have cloned a cow of a highly productive dairy breed for the first time.

Chinese biologists have cloned for the first time a highly productive Holstein breed of cow, which can produce 18 tons of milk per year. This was reported on Tuesday by the newspaper "Global Times".

Scientists from the Northwestern University of Agriculture and Forestry of the People's Republic of China cloned three calves by transferring somatic cell nuclei. Biologists used animal ear tissue.

The head of the group of scientists Jin Yaping told the publication that the experiment is of great importance for the revival of the livestock industry in China, as 70% of dairy cows in China are bought abroad.

"We plan to spend two to three years to create a herd consisting of more than 1,000 supercoaches, which will become a solid foundation for solving the problem of China's dependence on animal supplies from abroad," Jin Yaping said. Chinese scientists have conducted a number of cloning experiments in recent years, in particular, they reproduced individuals of pigs, horses, cats, dogs and other animals.

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