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Unique jewelry discovered in Turkey

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The jewels and the grinding stone date back to the Ceramic Neolithic period.

Artifacts were found during excavations in the city of Kastamonu in the north of the country. The exact age of the jewelry has not yet been determined, a number of examinations are to be done. 

< /b>In Turkey found ancient
lion sculpture

The head of the excavations and professor of the Department of Archeology at Duzce University Nurperi Aengin noted that work is currently underway to study the ruins of a building in Kahin-Tepe. The room, according to experts, was a stone workshop.

The professor emphasized that excavations in the region have been going on since last year, but significant finds have only begun to be discovered now. These artifacts are very important, since before that the most famous settlement The ceramic Neolithic period was Göbeklitepe.

Earlier it was reported that almost 70 coins of the era of the reign of Justinian I and Justin II were found in Turkey. They were discovered in the province of Canakkale in the north-west of the country near the temple of Apollo Sminteus in Ancient Troy, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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