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TPU scientists have developed a complex for diagnosing the seams of the reactor equipment of the ITER project

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Subsequently, the complex can be adapted to other tasks and objects of control.

Scientists of Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a device for quality control of welds in diagnostic protective modules of ITER - the world's first international thermonuclear experimental reactor of a new generation. The device has already been delivered to Novosibirsk, where modules will be produced, the press service of the Tomsk university told TASS.

"TPU scientists have developed a domestic diagnostic complex designed to control the welds of diagnostic elements of the ITER thermonuclear reactor. It was commissioned by the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics SB RAS (Novosibirsk), which develops and manufactures these elements. The ultrasound tomograph allows you to effectively track the smallest defects of specific products and is universal, that is, it can subsequently be adapted to other tasks and objects of control. The installation has already been installed and has passed the stage of commissioning," the press service said.

It is specified that the installation will be used by Novosibirsk physicists to check the quality of welded joints in diagnostic protective modules, which will be used to measure various plasma parameters.

"For the development, we used our many years of experience in the field of ultrasound tomography and technologies used in the production of similar flaw detectors-tomographs. The installation, created by order of Novosibirsk colleagues, also required the solution of specific tasks. They are associated with the large dimensions of the control objects and the complexity of acoustic access to the weld. We have developed electronics and software that allow us to solve these problems. If necessary, the system can be reprogrammed to carry out non-destructive testing of any other objects," the words of the engineer of the International Scientific and Educational Laboratory of Non-Destructive Testing of TPU German Filippov are quoted in the message.

ITER is a project of the world's first international thermonuclear experimental reactor of a new generation, being built by the efforts of the international community in Provence (France), near Marseille. The objective of the project is to demonstrate the scientific and technological feasibility of using thermonuclear energy on an industrial scale, as well as to develop the necessary technological processes for this.

The development of the project began in the mid-1980s, construction of the complex began in 2010, completion is expected in 2025. The reactor is being created by joint efforts of specialists from the EU, Russia, China, the USA, India, Kazakhstan, Japan and South Korea. Representatives of all participating countries of the project will have equal access to the use of ITER infrastructure for research and commercial purposes.

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