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Turkey to create space agency

07.08.2018 146 просмотров

This decision was announced in the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the country, according to the local Anadolu agency. & nbsp;

“It is important for us to develop the space industry, form a scientific platform for space development, and increase the number of personnel. The Turkish Space Agency will be responsible for defining the principles of development and developing a strategy for promoting the country's space sector,” Mustafa Varank, Minister of the relevant department, said. 

According to him, the new space agency will coordinate all the developments of the country in this area. Also, all international contacts along this line will fall into his sphere of responsibility. In particular, we are talking about cooperation with NASA, with which the Turkish government plans to begin consultations on the legal support of the space agency. 

It is expected that the Turkish space agency will begin work before the end of this year. One of his primary tasks will be the creation of a launch pad for launching Turkish research vehicles into space. According to some reports, the spaceport is planned to be equipped on the territory of Northern Cyprus, a state that is currently recognized only by the Republic of Turkey. 

The draft law on the creation of a space agency was approved by the Turkish government last spring. “Now we have begun work related to space research, and, above all, the launch of satellites into space. Since this period has begun, we will reach the point where we can send an astronaut into space,” President Tayyip Erdogan said in June 2018 about plans for space exploration.

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