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Thousand-year-old chicken egg found in Israel

09.06.2021 79 просмотров

In the Israeli city of Yavne, archaeologists have discovered a thousand-year-old egg.

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority found a whole chicken egg during excavations in the city of Yavne, south of Tel Aviv. The find is thought to be a thousand years old, the agency said Wednesday.

“Very few intact chicken eggs have been found around the world. So the current find is a rare event of global significance, ”said Dr. Lee Perry-Gal, an employee of the Antiquities Authority. He added that archaeologists have previously found older egg shell fragments, but almost never found eggs of this state of preservation.

According to archaeologist Alla Nagorski, head of the research team at the Yavne site, "the unique preservation of the egg is obviously related to the conditions in which it was kept." “It lay for centuries in a cesspool containing soft human waste, which preserved it,” she said.

The shell of the egg was slightly damaged when removed. At the same time, most of the contents spilled out, but part of the yolk remained inside, which will allow scientists to study its DNA. Specialists from the management laboratory managed to restore the egg shell to its original appearance. Experts don't know how the egg got into the cesspool, although it shouldn't have been there.

The excavations were carried out as part of a project to build a new neighborhood in Yavne. Israeli law requires that any construction be preceded by an archaeological excavation. In addition to the egg, other finds were found, including three bone dolls, also about a thousand years old, used as children's toys.

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