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They didn’t let me sleep: a hotel in Japan fired robots

16.01.2019 139 просмотров

The well-known robotic hotel Hen-na took such measures due to complaints from guests.

The machines didn't do their job. So, the cyborg assistant, who was supposed to answer the questions of the guests, could not give answers even to simple questions. For example, name the sights near the hotel. However, the voice assistants on the phones of visitors immediately gave answers.

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In addition, robots prevented guests from sleeping. An assistant car installed in each room reacted to the sounds of the guest’s snoring and woke him up with the phrase “How can I help?”.

Two velociraptor robots have been sitting at the reception for several years. However, almost all the work for them was done by people. "Dinosaurs" did not know how to make copies of passports.

Two porter robots could only deliver luggage to 24 rooms out of 100. Cars also malfunctioned in snow and rain, and if they met in the corridor, they got stuck trying to let each other through .

The hotel administration admitted that Henn-na cannot fully function without people. And the robots are outdated and need to be replaced with more modern models that the hotel cannot currently afford.

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