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The Novosibirsk synchrotron construction project will be ready in March

26.02.2018 111 просмотров

This was announced on February 26 at the TASS press center in Novosibirsk by the director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics (INP) of the Siberian Branch (SB) of the Russian Academy of Sciences Pavel Logachev.

In early February, Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with scientists from the SB RAS in Novosibirsk, supported the project for the construction of a synchrotron radiation source, which can be used by many institutes. According to Mikhail Kotyukov, head of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations, the synchrotron will cost about 20 billion rubles, and about 40 user stations will cost the same amount.

“In about a week, a feasibility study for the machine itself and the first stage user stations. I think that in two weeks the technical specifications and terms of reference for the design of buildings will be fully prepared,” Logachev said.

He added that the synchrotron in Novosibirsk is part of a national megaproject, which is being implemented jointly with the Kurchatov Institute. “This is part of a more serious ISSI-4 project in Protvino at the Kurchatov Institute. Our machine is smaller, but it covers most of the needs of users and prepares a technologically new step for a large machine in Protvino,” said the director of the INP.

The synchrotron will be located on the inner diameter of a concrete ring located on the surface of the earth. The approximate diameter of the entire building is about 300 meters. The construction will require an area of 10 hectares and a connection energy of 20 MW. Site options are being considered.

Synchrotron radiation is used in many scientific fields: from the study of the structure of materials to the therapy of cancer cells and the study of new pharmaceuticals.

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