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The Middle East is interested in educational developments in Russia

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Innovative projects in the field of public administration, education, health and security were presented in Abu Dhabi.

The AQDAR World Summit was held there. The UAE, Germany, Singapore, Jordan, China, India, Egypt and Russia presented their products. The ASI leadership project "Educational Resource Constructor CORE", which provides students with high-quality interactive material, also took an active part.

In Saudi schools
they will teach philosophy
It is noted that there is a strong demand in the Middle East right now on innovative solutions and modern technologies. In particular, the National Education Strategy 2030, which was developed by the Government of the United Arab Emirates, aims to strengthen education standards, increase research and develop new employment-oriented curricula.

Such new methods are planned to be developed jointly with business. “Our solution appeared on the market just in time, there is a request for accelerated production of our own educational content and for the development of horizontal connections between teachers. Not only schools, but also universities are interested in our license, in particular, the University of Science and Technology in Ajman is ready to test Constructor for a number of educational programs,” said Anton Sazhin, CEO of CORE.

It is noted that in December It is planned to introduce the CORE Educational Resource Constructor platform on the basis of the Arab Academy of Sciences, Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt), as well as in a number of institutions of general education in Cairo.

In addition, the CORE team received an invitation to participate in the Innovation Arabia program organized by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, the first digital university in the UAE.
The Emirates Ministry of Education is just starting to develop its own educational programs, so the demand for technology and technique is extremely high.

“The Moscow educational system has made an incredible breakthrough in the development of high-quality education. We will be happy to cooperate with Moscow in the implementation of innovative projects in education,” said Faizal Mohamed Albakeri, Adviser to His Excellency the UAE Minister of Education.

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