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The Government of Uzbekistan introduces the school subject "Education"

08.07.2020 111 просмотров

According to the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan, the government of the republic adopted a resolution “On measures for the phased introduction of the subject “Education” into practice in institutions of general secondary education.”

The new subject "Education" will combine the disciplines "Ethics", "Sense of the Motherland", "Fundamentals of the National Idea and Spirituality" and "History of World Religions" and will be introduced into practice in stages: "in grades 1-9 from the 2020-2021 academic year, and in grades 10-11 - from 2021-2022 within the general hours allocated to subjects.

Textbooks and teaching aids on this subject will be delivered to educational institutions by the beginning of the new academic year.

> From July 2020 until the start of the new academic year, special advanced training courses will be organized online for teachers who will teach the subjects: "Primary Education", "Fundamentals of the National Idea and Spirituality", "History" and "Religious Studies".  ;

In addition, the experiment on introducing variable curricula will continue in the secondary schools of Uzbekistan in the 2020-2021 academic year, while the number of elective classes will be expanded, the Ministry of Public Education informs. Uzbekistan. 

By August 1, 2020, the Republican Education Center was instructed to develop standard calendar and thematic plans for variable curricula.

In the new academic year, schools will have the right to introduce variable curricula in 7- x, 8th and 9th grades. In the last academic year, variable plans were introduced for students only in grades 10-11.

In accordance with the order, the number of directions for optional classes is increased to 12:

  • for grades 10-11 - foreign language and philology;
  • for grades 10-11 - finance and economics;
  • for 7-8-9-10-11 -th grades - web freelance;
  • for grades 10-11 - technology;
  • for grades 10-11 - natural sciences;
  • for grades 10-11 - social sciences and humanities;
  • for grades 10-11 - the direction of primary education;
  • for grades 10-11 - chemical engineering section;
  • for grades 10-11 - geography and geology;
  • for grades 10-11 - direction of preschool education and psychology;
  • for 10-11th grades - history and archeology;
  • for 10-11th grades - tourism.

without fail native language and literature, Uzbek/Russian, foreign language, history, education, mathematics, informatics, primary pre-conscription training and physical education.

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